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What does your Home have in common with ‘Peanut Butter & Jelly’…

‘Bonnie & Clyde’… ‘Mickey & Minnie’?

Ok, I’ll tell you in a minute…


But first, what do those three combos have to do with each other?


Yep. You got it. They’re all… things that go together. Imagine ‘Lois’ without ‘Clark’ … or ‘Lucy’ without ‘Ricky’. It doesn’t really work.


One makes the other.


Ok, I know you’re probably wondering…. what two things in my home should go together… and just won’t be right without the other? You know… like ‘George & Gracie’ or … ‘Scoobie & Shaggy’?

Ok, here it is…


Central Air Conditioning and Proper Attic Insulation.


You’re let down, aren’t you?

Yeah, I know. It doesn’t sound as ‘cool’ as ‘Simon & Garfunkel’ or ‘Tango & Cash’.


But, if you have Central Air without Proper Attic Insulation, you’ve got ‘Burt’ without ‘Ernie’… ‘Fred’ without ‘Ginger’… and you don’t have as much ‘Cash’ to ‘Tango’ with.


Proper Attic Insulation makes a Central Air System. Like Robin makes Batman. Like meatballs make spaghetti.


I suppose I could just be boring and normal and tell you that with Central Air, you’re wasting $300 to $700 per year without the second all-important part of the duo.


Or I could give you the quotes from the Department of Energy that tell you, in a nutshell, that you need to bring your insulation up to standard, or you’re wasting money like crazy.


Or I could maybe let you read the comments from folks that have had us bring their insulation up to standard…


“You guys insulated my attic last summer, and when I got home from work, I could instantly tell a difference. I was amazed at how cool the house felt!” – A.H.


“I was amazed at how much more comfortable my home was immediately, not to mention the utility savings.” – A.M.


“I was surprised to find out how much my existing insulation had settled. I thought I had Twelve inches and it turned out I only had seven. I’m glad I had it checked.” – C.C.


But most of those statements and comments get lost in the Bazillions of advertising messages each day… So instead, I’ll just tell you that running your central air this summer without your insulation being up to standard is like… ‘Romeo’ without ‘Juliet’.


We install attic insulation now.

For years, if a client needed to add insulation, we would call the Wesley Burnett Insulation Company. Maybe you know Wesley. Wesley recently retired, and I bought his insulation machine, and trailer. And the most important part… He agreed to share his expertise. He came over and trained my crews how to do it right!


Yes, I decided that being in the air conditioning & heating business without being in the insulation business was like… Amos without Andy. Sonny without Cher.


We’ve been doing it for about 8 months now. And our clients love it!


And this part may surprise you: I’m not concerned about whether Allen’s is the one to bring your attic insulation up to snuff. I just want you to get it done! If you don’t get us to do it, at least get someone to do it.


If you want to have us out for a FREE, no obligation, survey and estimate, call us at 270-358-3333, 502-348-0221 or 1-800-264-0589.


Dave Allen

Allen’s Air Conditioning, Inc.

P.S. If you want to know more about adding insulation, Click here for a a free 4-page color brochure showing you the many benefits. Proper Insulation and Central Air… it’s like e Mutt & Jeff…. Laurel & Hardy… Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote… They just go together!


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